The Amazing Stytch Race

The rain stopped, the clouds parted and the sun came out for Stytch’s first ever “Amazing Race”!

Every year, we take a few hours away from our desks to take part in some well deserved team fun. With so much to celebrate this year, I decided to plan something a little different (insert evil laugh here) for the team. Something active, a little bit wacky, and with just the right amount of challenge. After a lot of head-scratching, I settled on creating a Stytch-ified version of the popular TV reality show Amazing Race. Part-race and part-scavenger-hunt, seven teams would vie to complete thirty-two challenges within 90 minutes, amid the hustle and bustle of downtown Vancouver.

The teams were randomly selected and given a week to strategize and choose branding. The final team names hinted at the intensity, hijinks, ambition and spirit that would be on display: Rain City Race Committee, Team Victory, DreamKillers, Team Sparkle Pants, Team Ogopogo, Zero Downtime and At Least We Wore Shirts (spot the over-achievers).

The Race was on.

The challenges included feats of physical endurance…


…awesome displays of athletic prowess…


…and acrobatic displays of agility…


But wait! Stytch team members are not just a bunch of Could-Have-Been-Olympians. We are also creative data analytics brainiacs, so there were also challenges that showcased our museum-worthy artistic ability and superior engineering aptitude:

Colouring Books and Marshmallow Towers

One of the challenges was to take as many photographs as possible of the music venues that inspired the names of our office meeting rooms. Here’s Team Victory posing in front of The Commodore Ballroom, the namesake of our Commodore Boardroom:

Stytch Team Commodore Ballroom

On television, Amazing Race includes food challenges. Teams are required to eat delicacies such as cow intestines or massive amounts of hot wasabi. Our Amazing Race food challenge was a little sweeter:

Stytch Banana Split

Obviously, we are more than just pretty faces, but we can totally pose like supermodels:

Team DreamKillers Mannequins

Team Zero Downtime Mannequins

Team Sparkle Pants Mannequins

However, the afternoon was not without some hints of scandal. Accusations of cheating and sabotage swirled around some of the competitors.

Did Zero Downtime really conspire to hide Team Sparkle Pants’ Game Book? Or was it the nefarious actions of a lone wolf on the team, also known as our Project Manager? We may never know. But would you trust these faces?

Team Zero Downtime Photo Booth

What about the faces below? Could one of these competitors, seeking an unfair advantage, really have persuaded our building supervisor not to provide an answer to one of the challenges? Oh, sure, they look friendly but there’s a hint of maniacal glee in those eyes…

Team At Least We Wore Shirts Photo Booth

Did Team At Least We Wore Shirts take a shortcut and use another team’s hopscotch court? There is clear photographic evidence of them hijacking a hopscotch court signed “Team Sparkle Pants”…

Team At Least We Wore Shirts Hopscotch

So, who won?

Who knows?

In the end, the results were uncertain, the point count off, and the accusations many. But the team were too busy laughing and drinking beer to notice.

What does your company do to have fun and build team spirit? If you’re a Vancouver-based tech team and would like to borrow the Amazing Stytch Race gamebook to try it for yourself, just email me at Happy Racing!

By on July 15, 2016

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