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Marketing Performance Measurement: A Maturity Model

I was recently invited to speak at a digital marketing and analytics event in Toronto. The agenda included an exploration of the current digital marketing landscape, best practices for using data and analytics to drive business growth, and a workshop component to assess how well these best practices were being followed in each of the attendees’ companies. The end goal was to provide practical advice that each person could implement in their business to drive a more effective digital marketing strategy.

The room was packed with Marketing VPs, Directors, Heads of Sales and a handful of Business Analysts, from some of Canada’s biggest businesses. I’ll be the first to admit that as a CEO, I’m not an in-the-trenches digital marketing expert. Fortunately for everyone, my two co-speakers were. My purpose for being at the event was to share my experiences, as well as our customers’ experiences, in applying data and analytics to measure and improve marketing performance.

My favorite part of the event came early on. Having done introductions and some initial scene-setting we asked everyone in the room to honestly evaluate how far along they were on their digital marketing journey. We used what we call a “digital marketing maturity matrix” to help attendees identify their organization’s level of maturity in four specific areas of the marketing cycle; targeting prospects, capturing leads, nurturing leads, and measuring performance. Target, Capture, Nurture, Measure. Read More…

By Mark Cunningham on July 22, 2016

The Amazing Stytch Race

The rain stopped, the clouds parted and the sun came out for Stytch’s first ever “Amazing Race”!

Every year, we take a few hours away from our desks to take part in some well deserved team fun. With so much to celebrate this year, I decided to plan something a little different (insert evil laugh here) for the team. Something active, a little bit wacky, and with just the right amount of challenge. After a lot of head-scratching, I settled on creating a Stytch-ified version of the popular TV reality show Amazing Race. Part-race and part-scavenger-hunt, seven teams would vie to complete thirty-two challenges within 90 minutes, amid the hustle and bustle of downtown Vancouver.

The teams were randomly selected and given a week to strategize and choose branding. The final team names hinted at the intensity, hijinks, ambition and spirit that would be on display: Rain City Race Committee, Team Victory, DreamKillers, Team Sparkle Pants, Team Ogopogo, Zero Downtime and At Least We Wore Shirts (spot the over-achievers).

The Race was on. Read More…

By Rosalinda Sanchez on July 15, 2016

Garbage data in your CRM? We know the perfect solution

Clean up customer and vendor data in a single click using Dun & Bradstreet’s Data Management app for NetSuite.

After several years of using any business system, bad data creeps in. At first, it’s manageable. As it grows, it gets ugly. Administrators develop coping mechanisms to deal with the garbage information. They add new fields so that they can filter reports. Old reports need to be rewritten. As the issue grows larger, companies form teams to clean up data.

But what if you could clean any record with a single click? That’s exactly what Dun & Bradstreet demonstrated at NetSuite’s SuiteWorld 2016 conference last month. Read More…

By Brad Brooks on June 3, 2016


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