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How To Achieve Continuous Product Performance Analysis using JMeter and Stytch

Over my many years working in performance testing and performance engineering, I’ve had the chance to use a broad range of load testing tools. Whether it’s Load Runner, Neoload, JMeter, or even good old Microsoft Homer, they all have one thing in common: they’re great at generating load but mediocre at results reporting and build-over-build product performance analysis.

Sure, you can get some summary statistics on response times and throughput. You may even be able to get graphs that span the duration of a single test. If you’re lucky, the load tool may allow you to compare two performance reports to find regressions. But when it comes to doing advanced reporting and analysis, such as graphing performance results across dozens of iterative builds or drilling down to the performance of every individual HTTP request, these tools fall flat. As a result, many software performance engineers (including myself) find themselves stuck spending hours in Excel trying to summarize data for management reports or find themselves faced with the daunting task of writing a custom reporting solution. Read More…

By Kristian van der Hoek on August 18, 2016

Garbage data in your CRM? We know the perfect solution

Clean up customer and vendor data in a single click using Dun & Bradstreet’s Data Management app for NetSuite.

After several years of using any business system, bad data creeps in. At first, it’s manageable. As it grows, it gets ugly. Administrators develop coping mechanisms to deal with the garbage information. They add new fields so that they can filter reports. Old reports need to be rewritten. As the issue grows larger, companies form teams to clean up data.

But what if you could clean any record with a single click? That’s exactly what Dun & Bradstreet demonstrated at NetSuite’s SuiteWorld 2016 conference last month. Read More…

By Brad Brooks on June 3, 2016

This is Stytch

Today we are launching a new kind of analytics platform. One that combines powerful, self-service data preparation tools with data discovery for everyone in your business. One that gives you a single, seamless user experience from initial data connection to collaborative dashboards. One that connects you to the world’s largest business database from Dun & Bradstreet directly from your analytics environment.

It’s called Stytch, and I’d like to tell you about how we got here.

In the Beginning…

“It’s the key to connecting everything together. There’s nothing else like it!”

That was Graham Ross, our VP of Product Management, effusing about the D-U-N-S number roughly a year ago.

If you haven’t heard of the D-U-N-S number, let me explain. D-U-N-S stands for Data Universal Numbering System. It’s the system by which Dun & Bradstreet assigns a unique nine-digit identification number to businesses around the world in order to establish a business credit file. Think of it like a social security number for businesses; used to uniquely identify and maintain firmographic information on more than 250 million global companies. If you’re a data geek like Graham and the rest of my team, the D-U-N-S number is pretty cool. Read More…

By Mark Cunningham on April 19, 2016


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