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Stytch was founded on a simple premise: to help drive business growth through faster, better insights.

Stytch provides a single, cohesive cloud analytics experience, from raw data to dashboards. Because we know that better insights start with better data, we’ve combined powerfully simple data blending and modeling tools with the world’s largest business database to make data preparation easier, more accurate, and the foundation for a new level of insight.

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“We’re not looking to “fix” BI. We don’t believe companies should eradicate spreadsheets. We’re for giving business people the very best tools for the job.”

Mark Cunningham, President & Founder, Stytch

Your Data Analytics Company

Many of our team were early pioneers of the business intelligence industry. From the very early days of Crystal Services, we have a long history in helping companies better access their information and answer more questions with their data.

With Stytch, we’re doing something unique. We’re not just providing sophisticated reporting and dashboarding capabilities, but addressing a need that is at the very foundation of better insights—higher quality data, and easier, better data preparation.

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What’s In a Name?

Stytch helps create the fabric of your business. It ties together all your pieces of information so you can see the whole picture. Like sewing a tapestry, Stytch reveals your business story in perfect detail, showing you patterns, trends, and where to go next. Stytch is a tool for you. Use Stytch to make decisions, to spark new ideas, and showcase your success.

Three Reasons to Love Stytch

Stytch does a lot of things. Here are three of our favorites

Easy Data Blending

Bring together data from anywhere. The more sources the better. You can even match and cleanse using the D-U-N-S number so you know your data is clean and accurately matched.

Smart Data Modeling

Stytch was built by data geeks for data geeks. With Stytch, you can handle the toughest of data relationship problems without complicated tools. Go ahead – model anything!

No-Code Data Discovery

Slice, dice and drill to your heart’s content. Report building and data discovery with Stytch is actually fun. It’s instant and doesn’t require any query language.

A Dun & Bradstreet Company

Stytch is backed by Dun & Bradstreet, the world’s leading source of business information for over 175 years. We’re driving a new level of insight and growth for businesses around the globe through a combination of Dun & Bradstreet data and Stytch data analytics.

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