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Data Preparation to Dashboards

Stytch provides everything you need to rapidly prepare, explore and share your data, starting with the data itself.

Our self-service data preparation tools allow analysts to connect and blend data from anywhere. Get started quickly by building on data models shared to you and ensure underlying data quality by connecting to Dun & Bradstreet’s global data services. Once prepared, your data can be explored by anyone in the business for fast, accurate insights without a stitch of code.

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Stytch means agility. Connect, blend and model data with more speed and flexibility than ever before.
Cleanse and blend your data better with our Stytch Connector for Dun & Bradstreet and create reusable data models that allow you to start fast then grow your solutions over time.



Rapidly explore and understand your data with our intuitive data discovery tools. Learn new things about your business, validate ideas and get fast answers to critical questions.
Showcase your insights through compelling, interactive reports and dashboards.


Share & Reuse

Easily distribute reports and dashboards to those that need them, giving business domain experts the power to make game-changing decisions.
Share reusable data models with others and help create the foundation for agile, data-driven teams across the organization.

Data Connection From Anywhere

Say goodbye to manual spreadsheet wrangling and complex data warehousing. Whether on-premise or cloud, your business data can be brought together in Stytch as a single, central data repository.


Upload your data directly into a Stytch data library.


Automate data transfer using our ready-made Stytch connectors.


Use Stytch APIs to create your own connectors and push data in from anywhere.


Fast, Accurate Data Blending

Quickly blend data from anywhere in your business without writing any code. Combine data from multiple sources to get a more complete view of your business, department, project, campaign… you name it.

Our unique Stytch Connector for Dun & Bradstreet also gives you direct access to the global D&B database. Use the D-U-N-S number as a unique business identification key to more quickly identify and match business records and cleanse your data as your go.

Smart, Reusable Data Modeling

Stytch data models are reusable, flexible and easy to build. Our unique data modeling tools make it easy to map data columns to fields so you can rapidly create multidimensional models that support custom business metrics. You can even test the data associations as you go, allowing you to start small and grow your models over time.

Your data models can also be shared with other teams to form the foundation of new analytics solutions and a more data-driven business.



Data Discovery & Reporting

Anyone in your business can get answers from your data, simply by asking questions. Our no-code report designer allows you to create reports and explore data using everyday business terms.

With Stytch, you can slice, dice and drill without having to use complicated field names, then simply pick a chart format and add it to your dashboard.


Sales Dashboard


Fast, Interactive Dashboards

Create compelling and interactive dashboards in a few clicks. Use our dashboard designer to build the layout you want with the reports you need, including bar charts, pie charts, tables, headline widgets and line graphs.

With Stytch, your dashboards automatically update when your data changes and you can even set up navigation between dashboards to create powerful briefing books.


Data-Driven Teams

Collaborate online around reports, dashboards, models or data marts. Add comments and start discussions in public or private groups. You can also export to Excel or PDF to share offline or in presentations.

With Stytch, you can reuse analytic components, such as connectors and models, across business teams to allow for fast creation of new solutions.


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