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Dun & Bradstreet’s Sales Effectiveness Team Deliver Modern Reporting Solution and Huge Time Savings

Dun & Bradstreet’s Sales Effectiveness team used to spend a day every month preparing their sales report for North American team leaders. Creating the analysis in spreadsheets and emailing around files was slow and unengaging. Working with Stytch, they moved their monthly sales reporting online and now deliver interactive dashboards, tailored to each team leader, in just 5 minutes a month.

The Monthly Sales Reporting Challenge

Dun & Bradstreet’s Sales Effectiveness team supports sales and marketing operations across America and Canada. As Michelle Herschede, Senior Director of Sales Operations, describes it, "We're responsible for tracking and measuring everything from inventory sales to renewal rates. We prepare scorecards, track the effectiveness of special offers, monitor pricing, and recommend enhancements to our CRM. Our team covers a lot of things."

Every month, Michelle and the team would prepare a Master File with the North American sales analysis. This was done manually using an Access database and Excel spreadsheets. They would then cut and paste reports from the Master File into other spreadsheets and send those out to individual leaders in sales, marketing and finance.

"Managing the whole process in spreadsheets isn't fun," explained Dave Pearlman, ‎Leader of Business Insight & Analytics for North America Sales. “We have to get the historical data from the database, clean it all up, and then do our analysis. At the end of that process, we send out 2MB files via email.”

Michelle and Dave wanted to speed up the monthly sales analysis and deliver the results in a more modern way.

An internal recommendation led them to evaluate Stytch.


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"What we liked about Stytch from the beginning was that we could schedule reports and create a standard view for each team leader."
- Michelle Herschede, Senior Director of Sales Operations, Dun & Bradstreet

Everything Online

“What we liked about Stytch from the beginning was that we could schedule reports and create a standard view for each team leader,” said Michelle. “And because the whole thing is online, we wouldn’t have to send files anymore.”

“We wanted to avoid any solution that required users to download something,” continued Dave. “We were looking for something modern that would give us version control. This is 2016 after all. When we saw Stytch, it seemed like a great fit.”

Working closely with Craig, their Stytch Business Analyst, Michelle and Dave were able to quickly create the reports and dashboards they wanted. All the calculations they used to do by hand were set up in Stytch to run automatically whenever new data is added.

“The Stytch team has been great,” said Dave. “We quickly accomplished what we needed to with this project. When we asked for changes, they just happened. Don’t tell him this, but the world needs more Craigs!”

More Engagement, Faster Delivery

The North American team leaders were shown how to log into their Stytch portal and given a tour of their new dashboards. With extremely positive feedback, the Sales Effectiveness team have been pleased by the level of engagement early on.

“One of the big benefits with Stytch is that we can see how people are using the system,” said Michelle. “Understanding usage and getting feedback is important to us. Now we can see who is logging on and actually looking at the data. The team leaders seem to be finding Stytch easy to use and it’s more visually appealing than a spreadsheet, which helps a lot.”

Today, it takes the Sales Effectiveness team just 5 minutes to distribute the monthly sales report—a job that used to take them a full day. They no longer send out large files via email and have greater visibility into who is interacting with the data. Each leader gets their own, tailored view of the data which is helping to increase usage. Michelle, Dave, and the rest of the team, are now looking to do the same thing with other reports.

“Stytch is going to save us a lot of time, for sure,” concluded Dave. “It should also encourage our internal teams to look at the data more often. I’m sure people used to see ‘just another email from Dave’ when we were sending around spreadsheet files. Now we have a modern way to deliver the content that’s more engaging for everyone.”

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