Case Study

Ripe Rides Reduces Data Preparation Time by 20%, Lowers Costs and Accelerates Customer Activation

With their customer base growing rapidly, the Ripe Rides team needed a modern analytics solution to help mine the wealth of data they were collecting daily. The operations team wanted to better understand customer usage patterns in order to provide greater more efficient service to their customers. Ripe Rides worked with Stytch to help shorten their customer activation timeline, reduce the cost of running their fleet, and save hours of data preparation and analysis every week.

Too Many Spreadsheets, Too Little Time

With data living in multiple systems, Ripe Rides’ business reporting was a complex and manual process. On a weekly basis, the team would export raw data, load it into spreadsheets, and then run appropriate queries to get their user metrics.

This time-consuming process was costing them hours every week and wasn’t giving them all of the answers they needed. When it came to their Quarterly Business Reports (QBRs), the team sometimes spent days wrangling data so that they could identify key business trends.

They simply couldn't get answers fast enough.

As Nitesh Mistry, Director of Business Operations, explained: “We needed a better way to identify patterns in our customer and driver behaviour so that we could deliver an amazing service and reduce costs at the same time.”

So Ripe Rides turned to Stytch.


Ripe Rides is an on-demand luxury sedan transportation network company that uses the latest smart- phone technology to connect customers and drivers. Owned and operated out of Vancouver B.C., Ripe Rides offers Vancouverites a fleet of luxury sedans and professional drivers all from the comfort and convenience of their mobile device. The Ripe Rides app provides customers accurate wait times, automated mobile payments and complete transparency into how much their ride will cost.

“I was impressed with Stytch's ability to take our existing raw data, quickly make sense of it, and then deliver clear actionable insights.”
- Nitesh Mistry, Director of Business Operations, Ripe Rides

Right Place, Right Time - Delivering Remarkable
Customer Service with Less Cost

Ripe Rides worked with their Stytch Business Analyst to consolidate and combine data from their backend, fuel purchasing data, geographic data and marketing data. For Nitesh and his team, the primary goal was to deliver truly remarkable customer service, but also be efficient in how they went about providing it.

“We knew that by using our own data to understand usage patterns of both our mobile app and our driver service, we could onboard our customers faster and deliver an amazing experience every time they booked a car.“

The Stytch team put together the first customer usage dashboards within hours. The Ripe Rides team could quickly see peak times for demand, the length and types of trips being requested, and the neighbourhoods providing the highest demand.

“Our goal at Ripe Rides is to ensure we have cars at the right places, at the right times to meet demand. Our Stytch dashboards are helping us to do that. We’ve already been able to reduce customer wait times and travel times as a result.”

Stytch is also helping Ripe Rides to fine-tune their customer activation process by highlighting customer usage patterns in the app. Nitesh and his team can easily see key metrics such as how long on average it takes for a new customer to book their first ride. They can track overall engagement levels and retention rates, and have even mapped out their ideal customer profile. The team are using this data to more accurately target new customers and improve customer onboarding.

Ripe Rides have also identified many opportunities to operate more efficiently. For example, by combining data from a 3rd-party fuel purchasing app with location data, they can see the best places and times for their drivers to buy gas. The result? Reduced gas costs.

“Using Stytch, we’re seeing lots of areas where we can be more efficient with our spending, but not sacrifice service. Most importantly we are able to deploy the right number of cars to match demand at different locations and times. That’s a huge efficiency gain.”

Driven By Data

Ripe Rides is optimizing their business operations across the board. All weekly and quarterly reports now live in a single, online portal that everyone in the company can access. Their whole team is becoming more data-driven, with significant business results.

Since using Stytch, the Ripe Rides team has:

  • Reduced the time it takes from initial customer registration to their first ride
  • Saved the operations team almost a day every week by switching from raw data spreadsheets to automated dashboards
  • Optimized vehicle scheduling and location placement, resulting in reduced kilometers driven during non-customer trips, shorter passenger wait times, and lower fuel consumption

“Stytch has been a great asset in driving actionable insights from our data. They are delivering exactly what we need to help us better understand customer usage and performance patterns to optimize operations. I would definitely recommend Stytch to any business looking to become more data-driven in their decision making!”

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