We're building the future of user authentication.
What we do

Authentication is a frustrating experience for both developers and end users, and we're changing that. Stytch is building the developer platform for authentication to enable teams to easily build authentication experiences that delight their end users.

Our people

Reed McGinley-Stempel
Co-Founder / CEO
Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, Reed spent his college years on the east coast at Duke, with a brief detour to Germany for a Fulbright, before making it out to the Bay. He worked at Bain and Plaid prior to Stytch. He's most content when he's out in nature on a long run or hike with his pup, Zion. Both Zion and Reed enjoy an afternoon spent cheering on Duke basketball.
Julianna Lamb
Co-Founder / CTO
Originally from Idaho, Julianna came to the bay to study CS at Stanford. She was previously an engineer at Plaid and Strava and a product manager at VGS. When not coding, she's swimming, biking, and running very long distances training for Ironman triathlons. She's so obsessed with Ironmans, she named her dog after the original one, Kona.
Grace Baelen-King
Software Engineer
From San Francisco, Grace returned home after studying Psychology & CS at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania. Prior to joining Stytch, she was an engineer at Workday, Udemy, and Branch International. When not coding, she’s running, baking, or in the pottery studio. In the evenings she can be found cuddling on the couch with her cat, Chaplin.
Danny Thomson
Software Engineer
Born and raised in Illinois, Danny moved out west to study CS at Stanford while competing on the varsity swim team. Danny joins Stytch from Intuit. Outside of coding, he is always looking for a new dish to cook or new restaurants to try. After finishing up the day, Danny can be found binging the latest Netflix or HBO series or playing the occasional video game.
Mary Gruen
Software Engineer
Mary grew up in Pleasanton, California and traveled across the Bay to study Symbolic Systems at Stanford. After school, she worked on the Premier Agent App at Zillow before working on Learn mode at Quizlet. Mary's interests include wine tasting, beach trips, and learning science, which she has recently applied to learning golf.
Nathan Chiu
Software Engineer
A Dallas, TX native, Nathan studied at the University of Texas in Austin. Prior to joining Stytch, he spent time at Carta as an engineer. His interests include new foods, music, movies, and watching sports. Ask him about his favorite coffee shops or his dogs.

Our mascots

Retired from the NBA to chase squirrels at a professional level.
Enjoys runs with her human and chewing apart furniture.
Enjoys all snacks, especially green beans and chips. Likes cuddles too.
Cocoa and Zeebo
Pastimes include napping or asking for treats. Wish they could do both at the same time.